Hi and welcome to my website hope you enjoy looking through my many photos and feel free to contact me if you wish to do so. Thank you - Jay.

Jay (Janice) Barton - Sussex born but living in Kent since 1978 - I am a self taught photographer and currently exhibiting in the Nucleus Gallery Rochester where you will find framed photographs, mounted and also greetings cards, blank for any occasion.

My inspiration comes from Ansel Adams who has taken many amazing shots of Landscapes all over including the beautiful Yosemite, as well as from my physical surroundings. I work hard to capture in frame the pictures i have in mind be it weddings, portraits, pets, landscape, architecture or natural forms, trying to explore a range of scales, subjects, and levels of detail.

“The sensation of being behind the camera lens draws me into my subject in a way the naked eye does not allow, leaving me to snap away on the shutter release as if unable to stop. “I know what I like, and once I see it there in the lens there really is no stopping me… seeing stunning landscapes or portraits and trying to capture them really gives a great sense of achievement and spurs me on to want to take more.”

My favourite means of photographic expression is monochrome, whether black and white or earth tones and desaturated greys, and greens, though I can appreciate the impact of a well-chosen burst of colour to make a pictorial statement, either as an accent or to form the central focus of a composition.

Please contact me for personal and commercial photography by commission. Many thanks.